Helping Autism through a Nutritional Balancing Program

When a child receives a diagnosis of Autism or a related disorder, there is much that we as parents can do.  A nutritional balancing program based on a properly preformed and correctly interpolation of hair mineral analysis is excellent and often effective to correct it completely if the family will stay with the program a few years. 
A complete nutritional balancing program will correct the nutritional deficiencies. It will cause the removal of two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals and will heal the intestinal tract and leaky gut syndrome. Using the results of a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis, a custom program set up to help detoxification, re-balance and rebuild the body. A child’s first hair mineral analysis reflects the top layers of metabolism and will not show all the imbalances. We address what it reveals on the test with diet, nutrients, lifestyle modifications and detoxification procedures.


After several months, a retest will reveal a deeper layer of metabolism. Many times it will look different from the previous layer if we follow the healing program. Uncovering and reversing layers of adaptations and compensations, a process called retracing, requires time and persistence. It is more permanent and health producing than removing symptoms with either drugs or nutritional supplements. I would strictly avoid chelation, homeopathy and herbal therapies.  All Autistic children seem to have difficulty eliminating toxic metals. Ninety – nine percent of Austin children in a recent study have dysfunctional metallothionein metabolism. Metallothionein is a protein that binds to toxic minerals such as mercury, copper, and others that allows the body to eliminate them. If this binding protein does not function well, one is less able to transport and eliminate many toxic metals. We find that children with autism often have low hair mercury levels on their first hair mineral test. The other toxic metals are often low. This is a pattern termed a poor eliminator on a properly performed hair mineral analysis. It shows difficulty eliminating the toxic metal. It is present in excess because the body cannot eliminate it adequately. This concept is a key to autism that must be considered, since removal of toxic metals is necessary for a complete reversal of this serious condition. However, the best way to boost metallothionein ceruloplasmin and other mineral transporters is not with random vitamin supplemented, but with a nutritional balancing program that gently balances the entire body system.