Meet Me

My name is Regina Renken and this is my story.  For 30 years I struggled with terrible brain fog, anemia, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), anxiety, and very low energy. It was hard to take care of my family and be there for my boys. I tried countless different approaches to cure these symptoms over the years, seeing doctor after doctor. But, then I found Nutritional Balancing and Dr. Lawrence Wilson. After I began taking supplements and following the suggested protocols, I began to see my health and quality of life change every day. It didn’t take long before my health was entirely restored and now I have the energy to keep up with children all day. Gone are the days of brain fog and  anxiety!

After a couple of years of following these instructions from Dr. Wilson, I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help others along their healing journey. I learned that Dr. Wilson has associates that reach out to others about Nutritional Balancing and I couldn’t have been more excited to join this team.  So, now I’m able to help you and everyone around you that is struggling with the same issues I faced not long ago.

Meet Dr. Wilson

Meet Dr. Wilson – Dr. Wilson started his career in Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when his brother was suddenly diagnosed with late-stage Hodgkin’s disease (a type of blood cancer). He changed his college majors and soon obtained a grant from MIT Department of Nutrition to study the relationship between diet and cancer.

After he graduated from medical school, Dr. Wilson developed chronic fatigue syndrome (extreme weakness and exhaustion) and other health problems. His journey to restore his own health led him to work with many healing methods, both medical and alternative. So, like many others, he consulted doctor after doctor looking for answers. Among the most important teachers that he studied with and learned from were Bernard Jensen, ND, DC, Michio Kushi of macrobiotics fame, Roy Masters who teaches meditation, and William Donald Kelley, the cancer pioneer.

In 1981, Dr. Wilson opened a nutrition consulting practice in Phoenix, Arizona. The following year he met Dr. Paul Eck and began a lifelong friendship and professional relationship that lasted 14 years until Dr. Eck’s death.  
Dr. Wilson learned nutritional balancing science from Paul Eck and his staff and gave numerous seminars with them. He even continued to advance the science and practices of Nutritional Balancing to include more emphasis on other aspects such as diet, kelp, omega 3, vitamin D, and TMG. His program has now improved to also include infrared saunas and coffee enemas.
In 1996, Dr. Wilson moved to Prescott, Arizona.  He teaches nutritional balancing to practitioners by telephone and email, writes books, and writes and updates articles for the large nutritional balancing web portal .

Paul EckMeet Dr. Paul Eck

Nutritional Balancing is the research of Dr. Paul Eck.  He was a physician and avid researcher who lived in  Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.  Dr. Eck began researching nutrition and health at a very young age.  But, his main discoveries were the result of experimenting with hair mineral analysis or hair biopsy.  Dr. Eck applied all of his knowledge of the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, mineral bio-availability (the percent of absorption of a drug by the body) and much more.  He evolved a new science of healing based upon simple, principles and techniques that he found effective to balance the ratios and patterns on a hair test.  Nutritional Balancing is a  system that makes use of all of Eastern science as well.  

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